Whistleblower’s Foggy, Tormented Past


By Chrispin Inambao


Former Dukwe returnee Christopher Siboli who recently opened a case against Swapo Party councillor Felix Mukupi, accusing the politician of threatening him with death, is a controversial figure and is implicated in questionable deals.

Siboli accuses Mukupi of threatening him with death after what Siboli says was a botched mission to secretly tape record other councillors in the thick of last December’s hotly disputed election for the coveted post of regional governor. Mukupi has dismissed the allegations as “pure lies”.

He says Siboli owes him money and that when he (Mukupi) started to ask when Siboli would pay his debt of N$300, it is when the allegations surfaced.
The Regional Swapo Councillor for Sibbinda says he has taken long to respond to the allegations because he has been weighing possible legal action against Siboli for slander.

“Siboli appears to be used by other people and I warn him to be very careful because there will be legal repercussions. He cannot just get away scot-free for slander,” he said, adding: “I loaned him N$300 at the time because he claimed he was starving.”

Mukupi and his supporters believe the former Dukwe returnee was hauled aboard the political boat in that region merely to cause instability and to jeopardize party activities while at the same time, sowing seeds of mistrust and suspicion among bona fide members.

A recent investigation into the returnee’s past unravelled a highly opportunistic character with a murky past with at least one criminal case pending against him involving the alleged 2005 ‘theft’ of a motor vehicle from his former employer Parcel Force couriers.

The courier company would have lost its vehicle had it not been for Interpol agents who seized the vehicle in the vicinity of Victoria Falls while destined for Zimbabwe.

He has reportedly hoodwinked several people at Katima Mulilo with claims the Government gave him N$1 million upon his repatriation from the Dukwe Refugee Camp. With this information, he managed to secure ‘loans’ from several people.

He has reportedly received money from several businessmen at the town who are hungry for land. He allegedly told them he is the “head” of the regional office of the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement at Katima Mulilo tasked with land allocation to potential businessmen.

Though not even the deeply revered chiefs in Caprivi can sell land despite having sweeping powers when it comes to land-allocation, some uncouth businessmen have allegedly paid money expecting the bogus lands official to allocate them land in return.

Among the people conned, according to information in the hands of this newspaper, is the owner of Island View and a certain Paife who both reportedly paid hefty sums of money to Siboli in the botched land deal that has gone sour and is now the talk of the town.

The alleged land scam only came to light after some of the conned business people started flocking to the office of the lands ministry to inquire about its head.

When contacted on the alleged suspect land deals, Chrispin Matongela the spokesman for the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement was unavailable for comment. He is attending a strategic planning workshop at Okahandja, said a switchboard operator.

But a lands official that requested anonymity confirmed the dubious land deals.

New Era further understands Siboli owes a local lawyer N$12 000 in unpaid legal fees in the alleged motor vehicle theft case, in which Parcel Force is the complainant.

The case was transferred from the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court to the Regional Court at Katutura on 10 June this year for plea and for trial.

The lawyer only took on the case after he was sweet-talked to believe Siboli has cash of N$1 million. But the truth gradually dawned on the lawyer after he embarked on something akin to an endless wild goose chase in his quest to recoup the outstanding legal fees of N$12 000 owed by Siboli.

Sources said the name of the lawyer who is still legally Siboli’s representative in court should not be mentioned at his request.

It has also emerged the lawyer is on the verge of withholding his services after the last attempt to redeem the debt by sending someone to Libula village yielded nothing.

Siboli who has numerously been spotted with a two-way radio has also previously masqueraded as a policeman threatening to arrest people he owes huge sums of money.

Numerous efforts to contact Siboli for comment proved futile as he does not have a personal mobile number.

“Now the question is who planted this man among councillors and the Swapo Party because a person of such credibility cannot be allowed to operate and to destroy the party from within,” said Sankwasa James Sankwasa who spoke in his capacity as the ruling Swapo Party mobiliser for Katima Rural Constituency in the Caprivi Region.

“We know for sure that with the political situation prevailing in Namibia, there are some disgruntled elements that are being used to create disunity. Some people are trying to destroy Swapo in the region so that their missions could be achieved,” said Sankwasa.

He defended Mukupi saying it is a “figment” of Siboli’s imagination to think he was sent by the councillor to secretly tape-record other councillors.

Mukupi also said this is highly ridiculous because he has been getting on well with the people mentioned.

“Many people have become political victims because of such elements who lack credibility and sense of purpose and direction. At no stage shall we allow our people to be used for political battering. Siboli’s intention is condemned with the contempt it deserves, because he just has malicious intentions for the Swapo Party,” stated Sankwasa.


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