I Am Wondering, But Asking an Oracle?


By Theo-Ben Gurirab, MP

WHAT to do about the latest news which clearly has far-reaching implications for many belonging to the whole Christian world? The Vatican has lately all but decided on the rehabilitation of Martin Luther (1483-1546). That move has created untold mix-up among adherents of the Reformation Revolution instigated by this rebellious churchman.

It was the very same German Martin Luther who, some five centuries ago, put Europe on fire and earned himself ex-communication from the mother of Christendom, the Catholic Church, at that time.

The other two Europeans who wreak further havoc on that continent were a Scotsman Adam Smith (1723-1790) and yet another German Karl Marx (1818-1883).

Karl Marx died a year before the sitting of the infamous Berlin Conference for the Scramble of Africa (1884/5). The intention is not to ignore the important role of Continental Liberalism which too had its day then but that for next run.
It was actually those three exceptional men of mind and tenacity that set in motion earth-shaking social revolutions that spread at lightning speed across all the four corners of the globe.

The world owes to them birth of reformation and what it has done to religious orientation; industrial revolution, with its aftermaths, good, bad and ugly; and no less ideological divisions, class struggle, slavery and colonialism. The result was a new modus operandi which began in the 15th century and spread domination, creation of spheres of influence and evolution of modern society whose realities continue changing with time.

It is against the afore-going that we should be looking at Martin Luther’s surprising rehabilitation or absolution by the Vatican. Is it not then correct to suggest that Martin Luther’s true believers are going to be left in a lurch and that those who died for his sacred cause would have sacrificed their lives in vain? If not, what’s the real deal now, the evolving spirit of ecumenicalism notwithstanding?

The worn-out clich??????’??


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