Ambambi – the Man with a Golden Voice


By John Ekongo


The name Peter Ambambi might not ring a bell, but maybe the one associated with the well-known Oshiwambo Christian and choir songs composer, “Omuwambo Gwa-Ambambi”, will strike a code with you.

Sort of an urban legend, Ambambi is well-known over and out in the former Ovamboland as the man with a golden voice who effortlessly can sing soprano, tenor, alto-tenor or bass well accompanied by his piano.

Omuwambo Gwa-Ambambi, as he is popularly known by his fans, is a celebrated composer with his products well liked by old and young, who love group accapella performances.

So much so that in almost every town and village in Namibia, Ambambi has a distinct following and his own singing choirs named after him, especially in church circle.

The Olukonda born; police officer by profession, besides composing hymns, he has also shown quite a feat in producing alternate music, as can be deterred from his just finished addition to his works of art.

Ambambi’s recent works are aptly entitled Liberation songs, nothing sinister about the title as the album just means exactly what it says – songs about the liberation of this country.

The 10-track album is two-fold, one part instrumental and the other complete audio incorporated works.

This latest addition to Ambambi’s musical library is collaboration with his brother Elia “Omukomonisi” Ambambi, also a renowned singer.

Together the duo has encapsulated Namibia’s journey to freedom in words and musical melody, able to leave any non-Oshiwambo speaking person yelling for more.

With fantastic tracks such as 21 March 1990, Reconciliation, Marching for Independence and How to Divide the Cake of Independence, at first you might express your objections to this oddly named titles, but in essence there is nothing odd about them as the Ambambi’s genius singing ability overshadowed the naming and focus on the real question that is plaguing an independent Namibia.

His questions are right and his songs righteous, says Ambambi.


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