Beachfront Project Takes Off


By Charles Tjatindi


Construction work on the Afrodite Beach, a multi-billion-dollar project near Walvis Bay, is in full swing. The project is expected to boost the
local economy.

Afrodite Beach will consist of various sized modern housing units, villas, a luxury hotel with executive suites, hotel units and commercial facilities.

Other facilities that will form part of the project will be hotel apartments, conference and wedding facilities and a health spa. Set on the unspoilt prime beachfront some 10 km north of Walvis Bay, the Afrodite Beach development is the brainchild of a prominent Walvis Bay-based businessman, John Sava.
In a statement issued on behalf of the project, Sava describes the project as a youthful daydream that is finally coming to fruition.

“When I was a young man, I used to visit the beach often. It was on one of those breezy summer days that the idea of the luxury development started to take shape in my dreams. Today, I see a dream of my youth come to life,” Sava.

According to Sava, this luxury development aims to create a secure and peaceful residential estate, blending harmoniously with the natural desert environment. More than 2??????’??


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