Tractor Rams PM’s Car


By Anna Shilongo


Prime Minister Nahas Angula’s official vehicle was involved in an accident on Friday afternoon after it was rammed on its right side fender by a light industrial load tractor belonging to Coastal Hire.

The driver of the tractor lost control of the vehicle after being bumped on the right side by a white Citi Golf which was attempting to overtake the tractor.

As a result the Citi Golf hit the tractor, leading it to swerve towards the Prime Minister’s car, which was idling at the stop sign.

The PM was not in the vehicle when the accident occurred. The Prime Minister’s vehicle was on its way to Eros Airport to deliver something that was left behind by the PM.

The driver of the tractor was found to be under the influence of alcohol when he was tested at the scene. He also did not have a licence.

He admitted that he took some traditional brew during lunchtime, known as ” epwaka ” in Oshiwambo language. No person was injured as a result of the accident.

The accident took place at the corner of Hosea Kutako Road and Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue near Safari Hotel.


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