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RE: It’s about fundamental, democratic principles
Councillor Clemens Kashuupulwa’s article published in the New Era newspaper of Friday, 29 February 2008 refers.

May I start off by thanking Councillor Kashuupulwa for his vast and wide interest in Namibian politics. Especially his humbleness to take cognizance of all stakeholders in the Namibian body politic as exemplified by his indulgence and non-discriminatory approach in seriously and critically reading and digesting a SWANU press release with such remarkable perspicacity.

May I also hasten to sympathise with Councillor Kashuupulwa’s discomfort with the notion of a “stupid ban”. Given the political tension simmering in the country, I am unreservedly agreeable with the Councillor that it is perceptibly an unfortunate ‘adjectivation’ of another political entity’s stance. I take his misdemeanour with such characterisation as a constructive and timely reminder of the burning need to treat each other respectively and tolerably.

However, I would dismally fail in my duty both as a citizen and a community-activist-at-large if I did not point out that as a party harboured in a progressive political tradition and squarely anchored in a transformational ideological outlook, that our call for the lifting of the ban on The Namibian newspaper is propelled by a dire need to uphold a noble fundamental principle entrenched in the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia.

Be rest assured that it is not about The Namibian newspaper per se, but rather about a principle we have upheld as a party right from our inception, which we hold dearly close to our hearts currently and which we shall uphold up to eternity.

SWANU as the oldest modern black political formation in this country has been always the first among others in pioneering ground-breaking political and ideological milestones. We have dealt with the experiences of internal implosion and threatened fragmentation before many of the parties in this country.

We can happily claim that we have graduated with glittering colours from these mishaps and our political maturity is unparalleled.

As for parliamentary representation, it is significant that despite the decades of marginalization, isolation and material starvation all in the self-amusing name of sole authenticity, SWANU was undeniably a remarkable member of the Constituent Assembly which guided and directed the constitution writing process and the eventual realization of statehood.

Councillor Kashuupulwa please be comradely informed that SWANU is over the worst of its political misfortunes and is geared up for great strides towards the seizure of state power either single-handedly or in partnership with other progressive forces to facilitate the long overdue radical and sustainable transformation of this country and its peoples.

SWANU will soon be unveiling its ideological central planks and the accompanying policy framework. The theatre for this disclosure and erstwhile revelation will be the North. Deliberately so, because, this is part of the area the imperialists and colonialists kept in isolation for various cynical reasons.

SWANU is coming up north next month and dear Councillor Kashuupulwa you are hereby kindly invited to come and witness what SWANU has to offer the country and its peoples. Among others, a new radical and sustainable LAND POLICY blueprint!
P atji -Ngarikotoke!!!


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