N$340m for Grade 10 Repeaters


By Kuvee Kangueehi


Minister of Education, Nangolo Mbumba, yesterday informed Parliament that Government has availed N$340 million to implement a directive for Grade 10 failures to repeat.

The announcement brings an end to the uncertainty on the Grade 10 issue.
Mbumba said the absorption of the 2007 Grade 10 repeaters is in accordance with the fourth Swapo Party Congress resolution that calls on the Swapo Party Government to derive strategies necessary to integrate the school dropouts into the main structure of the education, training and skills development systems.

He noted that the implementation of the directive for learners to repeat has been done considering various options.

The minister said all 2007 Grade 10 learners who were not admitted to Grade 11 in this year have been given an opportunity to repeat Grade 10 on a full-time basis depending on the availability of space, furniture, textbooks, stationery and other supplies.

He added that the repeaters would be required to complete the full curriculum and write nine subjects at the end of the year like the rest of their classmates.

Mbumba warned that only the results this year will qualify them for Grade 11 next year and last year’s results will not be considered.

The ministry has extended its operation to optimally utilise other institutions such as Namcol, Community Skills and Development Centres (COSDECs), Vocational Training Centres (VTCs), skills centres and youth centres.

Mbumba informed the august House that his ministry would financially assist students who may choose not to repeat but pursue their studies through Namcol to complete either two or three subjects to meet the requirement for Grade 11.

He added that provision has been made for three or more additional hours of face-to-face tuition per subject per week, bringing the total contact hours per week to five.

“In addition, the parental contribution of fees to Namcol per subject will be reduced to the 2007 rates at the expense of the Ministry of Education.”

He revealed that the ministry has made 2??????’??


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