Agra Opens Heart to Animals


By Satff Reporter


Agra/Auas Vet Med this week gave the SPCA N$50 000 to buy cat and dog vaccines.

The SPCA, a welfare organisation that promotes responsible pet ownership, cares for stray cats and dogs.

It also finds suitable homes for the animals and will use the money to purchase preventative medicine and remedies to ensure people adopting the animals get healthy pets.

A statement from Agra said yesterday in the current inflationary economic environment, the donation will help the SPCA to keep the selling price for re-homeable animals down.

In the picture, Birgit Hoffmann Agra’s senior manager: marketing (left) and Dr Ian Baines, chairman of the SPCA (right) sign the sponsorship agreement between Auas Vet Med and the SPCA.


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