No Sanctions on Zimbabwe


The article placed by the Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe entitled “Why Zimbabwe Is Where It Is Today” published on 22 February is incorrect on a number of important points. I feel it is important for the British High Commission to respond and for readers to be given the facts.

Firstly, the article infers that Zimbabwe’s disastrous economic decline is the result of a ‘bilateral dispute between London and Harare’ and ‘illegal economic sanctions’. In fact there are no economic sanctions on Zimbabwe.

The EU’s targeted measures have no adverse effect on the Zimbabwean economy at all.

These measures affect only 131 individuals who are directly responsible for Zimbabwe’s suffering and simply includes a travel ban and asset freeze.

There are no international restrictions on the flow of trade and investment into and out of Zimbabwe, with the exception of an arms embargo.

The UK remains committed to supporting the people of Zimbabwe and is one of the three largest donors to Zimbabwe.

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