He Should Read the Article


Re: Mr Keshii Pelao Nathanael

I would like to thank Mr Nathanael for drawing the attention of the readers to the fact that the Youth League Congress was held at Oniipa in 1974. Surely, mine was a typographical error!

May I draw Mr Nathanael’s attention to Colin Lays and John S. Saul’s article, entitled, Liberation without Democracy? The SWAPO Crisis of 1976, in the Journal of Southern African Studies, Vol. 20, No I, March 1994 page 123-147.

I wish Mr Nathanael a happy reading of that article. If he wishes to refute the claims of that article, he should address his concerns to its authors.

May I assure Mr Nathanael that I am as strong and as politically astute as he left me in Zambia in 1976.

Nahas Angula

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