Another Art Smart Partnership Signed


By Frederick Philander


The fourteenth smart partnership agreement between Bank Windhoek and the Pambili Association was this week 0signed at the Omba Gallery.

According to a statement, Pambili Association shares a healthy history of participation in and exposure to fashion shows and exhibitions, at both national and international levels.

“Bank Windhoek’s commitment to the arts is furthermore strengthened by the collaboration of various smart partnerships of which there are 13 to date.

The Bank Windhoek Arts Festival remains committed to the development of arts and culture in Namibia,” said Michelle Oppel-Schmidt, Communication Practitioner Sponsorships and Social Investment Fund at the signing ceremony.

The smart partnership with Pambili Association aims to strengthen a national design culture for Namibian designers, consumers and ensure that the Namibian design identity becomes visible nationally through the promotion, marketing and showing of Namibian fashion products and services.

At the same occasion the coordinator of the Bank Windhoek Festival, Professor Aldo Behrens, intimated that two more smart partnerships are in the offing for later this year.

Melanie Harteveld-Becker signing the formal agreement with the coordinator of the Bank Windhoek Festival, Professor Aldo Behrens. Photo: Frederick Philander

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