Visually Impaired Get Legal Training


By Staff Reporter


People with visual impairment are undergoing training this week to make them aware of certain legal matters that are in place.

The workshop, which started Tuesday and ends today, is the first of its kind and involves training in will writing, HIV/AIDS and human rights, domestic violence, the maintenance and rape acts and divorce.

Chief Social Worker in the Ministry of Health and Social Services Betsy Basson said on Tuesday that the visually impaired were left out of these legal issues that are in place and which they could use to their advantage.

She said: “In the past, these people were left out of awareness raising programmes.” One of the many concerns the visually impaired have is that they cannot read Braille.

Deputy Health Minister Petrina Haingura when she opened the workshop said the training was a step in the right direction as it was geared towards empowering them with knowledge for them to care for themselves.

Haingura said social integration required that people with disabilities are recognised and appreciated by families, communities and society. Family members of the visually impaired are also attending the workshop.

Namibia has passed various legislation including the National Policy on Disability, which aims at achieving full integration of people with disabilities into society. The Government promulgated the National Disability Council Act in 2004, which makes provision for the establishment of the National Disability Council.

Haingura said the ministry is preparing to invite nominations to serve on the council, which will oversee the implementation of the National Policy on Disability, which was adopted by Parliament in 1997.

The Legal Assistance Centre is conducting the training.

Today, participants will outline the challenges they face in their daily lives, which Basson said would be incorporated into an action plan.


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