RDP Promises Houses for Residents


By Kuvee Kangueehi


The interim Secretary General of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) Jesaya Nyamu has promised the residents of Omuthiya that if his party wins the local authority elections at the town, the party will ensure that 200 houses are built at the town.

Addressing a public rally attended by about a thousand people at Omuthiya on Sunday, Nyamu said the RDP will build 200 houses for teachers, civil servants and people that can afford to pay for houses.

He noted that his party has a plan to develop the town and has already spoken to people that are willing to invest in the housing project.

“Hidipo Hamutenya and I have good business connections because we were ministers of trade and we do not have corrupt business partners.”

He added that since he and some of the RDP leaders, namely Hamutenya and Festus Naholo, are from the Omuthiya area, they care for the town and want to bring development.

Nyamu added that the RDP already has a plan for Omuthiya and some of the plans include a truck port, filling station, lodge and kindergarten.

Nyamu also revealed at the public rally that when he was in Cabinet, he was against compensation paid by local authorities to those whose houses and mahangu fields were within town boundaries. He said the N$5 000 people received to vacate their homes is peanuts and he strongly questioned the government policy.

Nyamu promised that if the RDP councillors are elected, they will be instructed to fight for the residents and to demand for nothing less than N$25 000 in compensation being paid.

“We cannot rob our own people and if the Government cannot give a reasonable compensation, it must give the residents the right to sell their plots.” Nyamu introduced white Namibians who have joined the party at the rally and said the RDP is an inclusive party especially for those that were marginalized before and is not a Kwanyama party.

The former Cabinet minister said people should stop blackmailing and fighting the Kwanyama people because they sacrificed their lives for the liberation of Namibia.

“If President Hifikepunye Pohamba is Kwanyama and he says the RDP is for Kwanyamas, then he is also RDP.”

He vowed that the RDP will make its membership public in order for everybody to see if RDP is a Kwanyama party.

Nyamu urged the residents of Omuthiya to vote wisely and to ensure that the RDP wins the elections. He said the residents should not vote according to Penda ya Ndakolo’s list because their future will be doomed, but for the RDP candidates for a prosperous future. Ya Ndakolo is the Oshikoto governor under which Omuthiya falls.

Although both Swapo and RDP used their weekend rallies to test their strength, the real test lies in the outcome of the elections on Friday where 1 598 voters that have registered for the elections will cast their votes.

While Swapo boasted an attendance of close to 5 000 people on Saturday compared to the 1 000 of RDP, the party with the most registered voters will take the crown.


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