Why Are Clerks Always Ignored?


I would like to highlight some of the concerns in the public service regarding the promotion of staff members in the job category of clerks. The people working under this category are not treated as those in categories of human resource, finance and others.

The reason I am saying this is that we are told that you cannot be promoted without going through the levels and one cannot bypass any level. The problem I am having is that when it comes to the Deputy Director post in the administration then it is a free for all to apply but those from the job category clerks cannot qualify to become deputy director in other fields.

Why is this done? I fail to understand it and it is frustrating for those of us in the job category of clerks.

The main thing that is frustrating is that somebody is appointed from another different job category as your supervisor but at the same time you have to teach such a person the work.

I always fail to understand how the interviews are conducted as these incompetent people are appointed having performed well in the interviews.

The question is always how can someone who has no experience in
administration outperform those who are dealing with administration on a daily basis? It is possible that they do perform better but still they do not know the job as most of the people sitting in an interview panel have no knowledge of how the administration is done.

Some panel members got carried away by the smooth talkers and just award points to undeserving candidates.
If the present scenario is not changed, the government service will suffer as administration is the backbone of the government service.

I am now appealing to Napwu and the Public Service Commission to urgently look into this issue and come up with a better way of doing things.

Administration should not be made a dumping ground for those who cannot perform in their areas. Anyone to be appointed as deputy director in administration should have gone through the rank of chief control officer as those are the people who got the experience and know the job very well.

Festus David


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