Steve Releases 10-Track CD


By Anna Shilongo


Steve Hanana’s latest offering is a 10-track compilation album certain to be a hit with his ardent fans.

The compilation entitled, O’ Reggae, is a very hardcore Rastafarian album with complete sad acoustics and mellow reggae beats.

What is lacking though is that extra musical ingredient to make even non-Rastafarians listen.

The track, ‘Ekango’, sounds very well with an inspirational message about the hardship and way of life of the African people.

Although he sings in vernacular with a dash of English, his music fusion abilities are blending in well, accentuated by his trademark coarse voice. The beat is enticing allowing listeners to sway their hips.

The track ‘Calli’ comes from a very well known medicine for all Rastafarian brothers. ‘Calli’ means herb, according to Rasta brothers. It is a herb they keep in touch with. They believe and worship everything green and Steve explicitly expresses his own views on ‘greenery’.

Another motivating track on the album is ‘Smile’. The song says it all – it is calling for peace, unity and harmony. If I understood him well, he is trying to promote and spread the message of love in the nation. It is a mood-relaxing song, especially on long journeys. It is one of those tunes that can relieve one of stress.

As they say ‘smile at the world and the world will smile back at you’. The rhythm of the song takes the listener back in time and will eventually start smiling from the heart.

‘Muwa Muwa’, which means beautiful in Oshiwambo, is also a good sound track, reminding people of their human responsibilities.

‘Politrix’, has a great emotional impact on the listener. The musician is talking about politicians, who cannot practice what they preach. He also sings about hunger, poverty and children suffering, while others live good lives.

Other tracks in the latest release are ‘Freedom’, ‘Cool Down Mister Officer’ and ‘Something Wrong’.

I think Hanana is a true African reggae performer, who sings straight from the bottom of his heart.

I strongly urge music lovers to add this well-produced CD to their collection.


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