Riruako Bounces Back


By Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek Chief Kuaima Riruako has withdrawn his resignation from the National Assembly and is expected back in the august House in three weeks time. Riruako told New Era yesterday that he resigned from the National Assembly at the beginning of the month because he had urgent party matters to attend to and will complete the mission in three weeks. The chief who is also president of Nudo, refused to divulge the nature of problems he had to address within his party. However, New Era has reliably learnt that many Ovaherero traditional chiefs who belong to the Nudo Party were planning to jump ship en masse to join the Rally for Democracy and Progress. Sources claim that since the beginning of the year, Riruako has been bombarded with telephone calls from traditional chiefs especially those not recognised by the Government that they have been promised by RDP that they will be recognised if the party comes into power. The traditional chiefs are allegedly frustrated by the Government’s refusal to recognise them despite many meetings with Founding Father Sam Nujoma when he was president of the country, incumbent President Hifikepunye Pohamba and various Cabinet ministers. The sources noted that the traditional chiefs were of the opinion that the only way they could be recognised is when they switch support to RDP so that it assumes power. Even the courts have failed to effect their recognition. A source added that some of the traditional chiefs wanted to join the RDP to “teach Nujoma, Pohamba and the rest of the Cabinet ministers a lesson for refusing to recognise them”. Some of the chiefs allegedly went as far as to request Riruako not to participate in the presidential elections but to throw their weight behind the RDP interim president Hidipo Hamutenya if he is running. The source, however, noted that Riruako after many consultations has managed to convince the traditional chiefs to remain with Nudo as RDP promises are an election gimmick. Riruako allegedly informed the chiefs that Hamutenya and some of the leaders of RDP were close to Nujoma and Pohamba all these years. If they had wanted the chiefs to be recognised, they would have made efforts earlier to have them recognised. Riruako reportedly also told the chiefs that RDP has made many such promises almost to everybody in the country including promising the Mafwe people in the Caprivi Region that as soon as they come power, they will bring back Chief Boniface Bebi Mamili, Mishake Muyongo and release the Caprivi treason trial suspects. The source noted that Riruako is now confident that the traditional chiefs that form the backbone of his party will not desert him for the RDP and can afford to come back to Parliament.

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