Police Warn on Child Safety


By Charles Tjatindi


The Erongo police has urged parents not to leave their children unattended at public playgrounds and parks, following recent cases of rape against minors in the region.

Erongo Police Public Relations Officer, Detective Sergeant Julia Nujoma, appealed to parents to ensure their children’s safety at all times and not to leave them unattended at public places.

The police’s appeal stems from an incident last weekend where a minor was allegedly raped while left unattended at a public playground at Walvis Bay. The suspect, who is yet to be arrested, is believed to have picked up the young girl at a playground then raped her.

“When kids are left alone, they become vulnerable to anything especially rape.

Please make sure you know your child’s whereabouts at all times and that she is safe. Don’t just send the kids to play alone at the parks,” pleaded Nujoma.

In a separate incident, a 17-year-old woman was raped at her house at Walvis Bay’s Meersig residential area. According to police reports, the suspect allegedly entered the young woman’s house through an unlocked security door at about 08h00, while she was washing dishes in the kitchen. The suspect then stuck adhesive tape on the woman’s mouth, tied her hands and feet with same, before carrying her to the bedroom. Once there, he allegedly ripped the woman’s clothes off before raping her. Although the suspect was allegedly wearing a mask at the time of the incident, police confirmed that they have reliable information on the person’s identity, which could lead to an arrest. In light of this, the police also called on residents to lock the doors, especially when left alone, as criminals tend to easily take advantage.

“Please make sure you keep your doors locked at all times when you are on your own, as you never know when these people will strike,” noted Nujoma.

In other crimes, the police reported an incident in which 21-year-old Herson Uri-Khob was run over by a train, after he allegedly had too much to drink early last week. Uri-Khob’s body was discovered by a passerby at around 07h00 along the railway line near Orwetoveni in Swakopmund’s Mondesa Township.

The deceased’s identity was confirmed by his roommate, Piet Haeseb, who told the police that he had been drinking with the deceased the previous night, but got worried when Uri-Khob did not come home that night.


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