RDP a Party of Has-Beens


RDP formed out of failures and frustrations:

Having followed the political development in recent months in Namibia particularly the formation of the RDP, I have decided to give my views to the Namibian nation regarding what is prevailing.

1. The RDP is formed by those who failed while they were hibernating in a SWAPO Party and its Government.

2. The RDP is aiming at the disintegration of this nation by being a tribal group of frustrated former SWAPO members who were not able to secure top positions in the 2004 SWAPO Congress.

3. The RDP leadership is power hungry and simply want to enrich themselves when voted into power.

These people were ministers, permanent secretaries, ambassadors, chief executives, union leaders, etc. – they could use their bright ideas to provide better education and job opportunities to the nation rather than having formed an opposition party within which they are now preaching cheap propaganda by using lame politicians and children who do not understand politics to discredit the SWAPO Government in which they were components.

Since they have failed to deliver in the past, what makes them competent to deliver now?

Dear youths of this country, you must be very careful not to fall prey to the cheap political propaganda of the tribal groups like the RDP.

Within their group, there are many who are trying to ignore the history of this country – that the liberation struggle of Namibia is no longer to be mentioned by SWAPO because that is now history.

The youth of this country should know that it is yesterday that created the foundations for today and it is today that will create the foundations for tomorrow and it continues to be the case in future.

There are those saying that politics do not develop the country, but in my opinion such individuals are ill informed as no country can survive and develop without political stability.

It is myopic to suggest that SWAPO has lost its vision on national development.

It is myopic to suggest that the SWAPO Government has done nothing for the nation.

There is no human government on this planet which can claim to have given jobs to all of its citizens.

We, in SWAPO, do believe that unemployment and better education provision are national challenges which we strategically have to approach.

If the RDP is promising to improve national education and create jobs for the jobless, what prevented those leaders to implement and execute it when they were tasked by the SWAPO Government to do that as ministers?

Some of them were union leaders, what prevented them to campaign for job creation while they were having those platforms?

I know for a fact that those who were leaders of the National Union of Namibian Workers such as Kapenda and Peter Naholo left the union because they were voted out for their power greediness.

And now, they are continuously insulting our SWAPO leadership. I am advising you to have your different political opinion, but do not insult our leaders.

To me this means that those people had hidden agendas to destroy SWAPO. Thanks that SWAPO realized that and fired them before they became dangerous to the peace of the nation.

It is their democratic right to belong to their party, but it is equally na??????’??


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