I Promise Them a Good Fight


‘Diamonds Cause Uproar.’

The above heading appeared in the New Era of Friday, 8th February 2008.

The article in question by a certain Catherine Sasman made an allegation that I, Helmut Angula, am a director in Bret Investment.

That statement is false.

And the writer chose not to speak to me before publishing the report.
It is regrettable and most unfortunate that the print media chose to join the ranks of the well-known international diamond Mafioso in disseminating falsehoods.

It is not a secret that the notorious Mafia, supplier of the information used in the vilification of my name to the journalist, is ever in the court for one reason or another normally involving diamonds.

I wish to state categorically clear I did nothing wrong meriting dragging my name in the so-called scandal reported by New Era.

In this connection, however, let the writer of the said article and her greedy international Mafioso friend understand that I am not in transit in Namibia.
I am here to stay till death set me apart.

My right to engage lawfully in business, if that is their concern, is guaranteed by the Namibian Constitution.

I’ll not be deterred by their scaring tactics to exercise my legitimate right.
In any event if it is their intention to pick a fight with me, I promise them a good fight.

As we say in Oshiwambo: “Okiipeta ya kashima.”
Helmut K. Angula


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