Flood Victim Appeals for Help


By Anna Shilongo


Flooding caused by heavy rainfall in Windhoek over the weekend caused severe damage to a family home in Soweto, Katutura.

Rainwater ruined most of the family’s belongings such as bedding, mattresses, TV stands, sofas, carpets, cupboards, clothes and shoes. The whole house was flooded with water, starting from the kitchen to sleeping rooms.

The house stands on low ground and during the rainy season, water from high land normally flows into the house.

Elizabeth Kaituu Tjerivanga is the owner of the house. “I am appealing to the public to please assist me. All my goods are destroyed as a result of the rain,” she said.

Tjerivanga is currently extending her house, with a Build Together loan of N$32 000.

“Can you see this, water is also coming through the roof, the house is poorly constructed, but yet they expect me to repay the loan. The corrugated iron is not even properly placed, that’s why my house is flooded with the water,” she complained.

The wall of the house has started to show cracks.

“If this is the case, how about the time they complete constructing the house?

The building materials are just of poor quality and they expect us to build quality homes. This is not fair, some of us don’t have money to waste,” she said.

Tjerivanga is appealing for help. “I am a poor woman with a lot of children. I don’t even have a proper job to raise my family. I will appreciate if the public can assist me with the little they can,” she said.

Tjerivanga said she has worked hard to acquire the property but is now having to start from scratch despite her low wages.


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