Flies Swamp Walvis Bay


By Charles Tjatindi


The unusually warm weather and humid conditions here have resulted in the breeding of large swarms of flies, causing a lot of discomfort for the residents. Residents are complaining about the ever-presence of droves of flies in their houses and surroundings, raising fears of a disease outbreak.

The Walvis Bay Municipality confirmed the situation, which it termed an epidemic, and said municipal staff is hard at work to control the situation.

In a press statement, the Municipality Manager for Public Relations, Kevin Adams, said the areas of Narraville, Hermes, Walvis Bay Central and Meersig have been worst hit by the situation.

Adams said the situation is fuelled by improper waste disposal mainly by major fishing factories at the harbour town. Most of the flies breed at the town’s waste disposal site, which is situated a mere two kilometres from the town centre. Such improper disposal of waste, Adams said, allows the flies to breed from the moisture created by the decomposing waste.

“Officials have placed large amounts of fly bait at the waste disposal site to kill most of the adult fly population, but the problem is worsened by some businesses that dump decomposed waste at the rubbish dump,” Adams noted.

The municipality is therefore appealing to businesses and residents of Walvis Bay to avoid leaving perisable and organic waste in the open air. The municipality further urges all parties concerned to seal waste material or take it to the dumpsite for disposal before it rots.

“Do not allow rubbish bags to pile up as this leads to moisture build-up, creating an ideal breeding ground for flies. Always dispose such waste timely,” the municipal press statement pleas.

According to the press statement, health officials from the municipality and the operator who manages the site have been battling the fly epidemic at the rubbish dump for the last two weeks.

Residents have expressed concern about the presence of flies, but never realised that the situation was not only confined to their homes and offices.

Seemingly, large heaps of rubbish, especially organic materials, could be seen lying around at some households at the town.

Flies spread diseases like diarrhoea, typhoid fever, dysentery and cholera, as well as trachoma – an eye infection, which may lead to blindness.


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