ECN Must Come Clean on RDP


It is laughable to learn that the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) “takes serious exception to allegations” made by Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) that the “Swapo Party members were selected to work as registration officials for persons who supposedly are supporters of other political parties” see New Era (Electoral Commission to Probe RDP Allegations, 5 February 2008).

Even more preposterous is the claim that the ECN Director (Phillimon Kanime) had said that “the allegations are receiving attention at the highest level and the ECN will investigate those claims and get to the bottom of the issue as a matter of urgency”.

Are we to believe that there is seriousness to these political tantrums?

Consider this for example, what the RDP secretary for information had to say: “that more ominous is the fact that ECN officials such as Ezekiel Shigwedha, who is known for his anti-RDP stance, is collaborating with the Swapo Regional Councillor”.

Thank goodness that at least there is somebody in the ECN who is collaborating with SWAPO??????’??


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