Shun Tribalism – Pohamba


By Charles Tjatindi


Namibians should reject the vices of tribalism, racism, sexism, nepotism and corruption.

Addressing a Swapo Party star rally at Walvis Bay over the weekend at a packed Kuisebmond Soccer Stadium, President Hifikepunye Pohamba said Namibians should do away with such vices and rather concentrate efforts on promoting virtues of honesty, transparency, fairness and tolerance.

He noted that the nation should draw lessons from other African countries where vices of tribalism, among others, allowed for the destruction of such countries through wars and subsequently poverty.

Pohamba, who took over the reins of the Swapo Party presidency from Founding Father of the Namibian Nation, Sam Nujoma, highlighted development projects undertaken under the Swapo Party since independence.

Among others, the President noted that the Swapo Government has articulated policies that cover the entire spectrum of social and economic development, which includes the provision of social amenities and public goods. Combating of unemployment, development of physical and communication infrastructure and those focussing on economic growth have been some of the highlights of development. He noted that the Swapo Party-led Government has brought about major developments in areas of health, education and rural electrification.

“Indeed we will continue with the implementation of our national development plans (NDPs), Vision 2030 and other policies aimed at improving the living standards of all our people … We will continue to uphold the legacy of hard work and build on the strong foundation of nation-building, national reconciliation, unity, peace and stability,” he said.

Pohamba said all these policies are aimed at achieving the Government’s vision of creating a better Namibia where people are free from the effects of poverty, hunger and under-development. The President noted that the Swapo Party Government will continue to address the needs of Namibia’s vulnerable societies such as the senior citizens, orphans, peasants, women, people with disabilities and previously disadvantaged Namibians

The Head of State urged young people to make use of the opportunity accorded to them to repeat Grade 10, urging them to study hard and pass. He said the Swapo Party Government has a clear vision on education, making Namibia one of the countries with a high expenditure on education per capita in the world.

The President noted that the Swapo Party’s glorious history, both during and after indepen-dence, has made it the party of choice for most Namibians, with a Swapo member, sympathiser, and supporter in virtually every household.

“Pioneers, youths, senior citizens, women and workers can all be accommodated in the structures of our party. The Swapo Party is the people and the people are the Swapo Party,” said Pohamba.

He called on those who have been misled by opposition politicians and left the party following false statements on the apparent lack of development in the country by the Swapo Government, to ‘come back home’.

“Do not continue to be lost sheep. There is always a place for you in Swapo. Our doors are always open to welcome back our comrades,” he said.


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