Nujoma Blasts Opposition Politicians


By Charles Tjatindi


Founding president Dr Sam Nujoma has slammed opposition politicians whom he said are misleading the Namibian people by spreading lies and falsehoods.

Nujoma said opposition politicians have chosen to ignore and downplay the Swapo Party’s achievements and instead spread lies that the party has done nothing. The founding president noted that such negative vices do not only have the potential to disrupt peace in the country, but can also lead to confrontation and bloodshed.

Nujoma was speaking at a Swapo Party star rally at Walvis Bay over the weekend.

The Founding Father of the Nation urged Namibians not to be misled by these opposition politicians, noting that the Swapo Party is the only party with a proud history dating back to the struggle for national liberation. He said the leadership of the Swapo Party draw their inspiration from the forefathers of Namibia’s historic mission to liberate the country from foreign occupation, among them Captain Hendrik Witbooi, Chief Kahimemua Nguvauva and Chief Iipumbu ya Tshilongo.

Nujoma said Namibians should emulate the example set by these heroes as they stood firm for the protection and defence of Namibia from European colonial invaders.

“We must therefore continue to emulate their bravery and heroism, as we embark upon the phase of the struggle for economic independence,” noted Nujoma.

With reference to the Government’s railway extension project, Nujoma said he finds it surprising for opposition politicians to say such a project is a waste of State resources when it has been hailed the world over.

“These opposition politicians are suffering from an inferiority complex. Why is it that whenever a person becomes reactionary he/she will criticise everything that is in the interest of the nation? For example, Mishake Muyongo criticised the tarred road that we built between Rundu and Katima Mulilo,” said Nujoma.

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