Celebrating a Century of Pretty Stones


Therefore praise we famous men
From whose bays we borrow
They that put aside Today
All the joys of their Today
And with toil of their Today
Bought for us Tomorrow!
Bless and praise we famous men
Men of little showing
For their work continueth,
And their work continueth,
Broad and deep continueth,
Great beyond their knowing!

Rudyard Kipling, Stalky & Co.

THIS year marks a century of diamond mining in Namibia. Since the early years of the 20th century, when these precious gems were discovered on the coast, the diamond mining industry has gone through many phases, starting with labour-based mining methods to highly mechanised and technology-driven operations on land.

Stories abound of how fortunes were made and lost along Namibia’s diamond coast. These are tales of romance and adventure, accounts of the activities of those who blazed the mining trail: their hardships, sufferings and disappointments – but also their successes.
The history of the diamond in Namibia dates back to more than a century ago. At that time, Adolph L??????’??


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