Sewage Treatment Plan Gets Council Nod


By Charles Tjatindi


The Walvis Bay Town Council has approved the construction of a new sewerage treatment plant near Langstrand. The move is a sequel to pressure on the existing plants at Walvis Bay.

The growth of the Langstrand suburb and new developments at the Dolphin Beach residential area have placed pressure on existing sewerage networks due to the vast distance between these suburbs and Walvis Bay. The distance to Walvis Bay is too far to allow the pumping of wastewater to the existing treatment works.

Construction of a new sewerage treatment plant is in full swing, with the septic tank – the biggest component in terms of earth and concrete works – almost complete. It is expected that the septic tank, which is needed for testing the newly built pump stations in Dolphin Beach and Langstrand, will be ready within the next six weeks.

Excavation work for the humus tank has been completed and construction has commenced.

Fencing and construction of a small reservoir for the temporary storage of purified effluent are under consideration.

According to the project develo-pers, the design of the treatment plant in Langstrand is such that the duplication of certain components allows the switch between fair constant flows through most parts of the year and seasonal peak flow during holiday seasons. Unlike normal urban areas, Langstrand and Dolphin Park have a fairly consistent flow with just some daily peaks in the morning and early evening. As a result, the system must be able to handle the maximum volumes while allowing for future growth.

Developers also reveal that where possible, components such as septic and humus tanks are partially being constructed below ground level to reduce the visual impact of the treatment works on the environment. Other structures, such as the control room and storerooms are above the ground – like other single level structures. The highest structure is the enclosed trickling filter.

The completion of the Langstrand treatment facility coincides with the construction of houses in the newly developed extensions of Langstrand and the Dolphin Beach suburbs. The sewerage of these suburbs is collected into three new pump stations from where it is pumped to a collector pump station. The existing pump station in Langstrand Extension 1 and the pump station of the caravan park are also linked to the system.


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