Photo Exhibition Next Week


By Staff reporter

WINDHOEK – The National Art Gallery of Namibia will be hosting a photographic exhibition titled, Namibia’s Smile by Mike Chen on Tuesday.

This photographic exhibition counteracts the usually negative reporting style of the Western media, about Africa, it was said in a statement by the National Art Gallery of Namibia.

The exhibition aims at giving us insight into everyday African life, showcasing ordinary people and places, instead of the usual safari and wildlife photography.

More than light entertainment, Chen intends his exhibition “to encourage Africans to capture their environment from their domestic viewpoint and to understand visual communication as part of a liberating media education”.

Mike Chen is an international photographer, married to a Namibian and is currently teaching digital photography in the United Kingdom. Broadly travelled, Chen exhibits works taken on his first visit to Namibia in 2006 and subsequently last year. He uses analogue and digital medium to create his visions.
His photographs and booklets will be on sale during the exhibition.


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