Jailbreak Accomplices in Court


By Anna Shilongo


Two suspects have been added to the list of five prisoners who escaped from Windhoek Central Prison last year.

The two who joined the five accused yesterday in the Windhoek Magistrates’
Court were identified as, Jacob Mushadukwe (30) and Joseph Wasuku (25).

They appeared before magistrate Hileni Shilemba on charges of escaping from lawful custody. The duo pleaded not guilty.

During the proceedings, the magistrate informed the two of their rights to legal representation. However, one of the accused told the court he already has a legal representative, whom he named as Slysken Makando, while the other opted for own representation.

The original five accused pleaded guilty to the charge of escape from lawful

Accused number one is rape and murder suspect, Deon Engelbrecht (23), accused number two and three are bank robbery suspects, Mthulisi Sibanda (27) and Nesias Matole (33), both Zimbabwe nationals, accused number four and five are murder suspects Morris Mazila Sibitwani (29) and farm massacre suspect, Gavin Beukes (26), accused number six is Jacob Mushadukwe (30) while accused number seven is murder and rape suspect Joseph Wasuka (25).

Engelbrecht told the court that he applied for legal aid, but wanted to change his mind.

Sibanda and Matole also told the court that they would defend themselves, while Sibitwani and Beukes opted for legal representation. Their defence counsel is Titus Mbaeva.

The magistrate remanded Mushadukwe and Wasuka’s cases to February 19 for legal representation, while the rest are expected to make a plea on that day.

The accused were denied bail and they remain in custody.

Mushadukwe was arrested at Oshakati on January 30. He is reported to have facilitated the escapees’ transport while Wasuka, an inmate, is also reported to have helped with the escape of the other inmates.

The two contravened Section 72 of the Prison Act number 17 of 1998.

The five escapees were re-arrested near Kongola except for Plan Ndebele, who drowned in the Chobe River.

Ndebele’s body was subsequently found between Bagani Bridge and Kamuchonga Village in the Kavango Region.

Meanwhile, Engelbrecht’s murder case is expected to start in the High Court today.


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