Wife Butcher Suspect in Court


By Anna Shilongo


Kenyan male nurse Kenneth Bunge Orina, 34, accused of murdering a woman whose body parts were discovered at Grootfontein in September last year, made another appearance at the Grootfontein Magistrates’ Court this week.

Orina appeared before Magistrate G. Chizhande on charges of murder, attempting to defeat the cause of justice and the violation of a corpse by hacking it into smaller pieces.

Although he appeared in person, Orina told the court that he has finally found himself a legal representative.

He was not asked to plead and his case was remanded to April 3 pending further investigations and the outcome of laboratory results.

Orina is accused of being the mastermind behind the disappearance of his wife as well as the killer of the woman whose remains were found dumped in the Grootfontein area early September last year.

He was arrested on October 30, in connection with brutally dismembering a woman’s body.

The accused worked at the Grootfontein State Hospital where he stayed with his Kenyan wife at the nurses’ home until September 14 when they were last seen together at a bank applying for a loan.

Orina came into the country through the recruitment exercise of Kenyan nurses between the Namibian and Kenyan governments.

He has been in state employment for several months.

Orina and his wife were reportedly having marital problems, and according to a source Orina’s wife was in and out of the Grootfontein police station with complaints of physical abuse in July last.

A source also revealed that during the arrest of Orina, pieces of theatre equipment that are not supposed to leave the theatre were found in his locker at work.

Preliminary investigations indicate his wife whom he married in community of property had initially filed for a restriction order for assault on July 9 at the Grootfontein Magistrates’ Court. He was ordered to remain in police custody.


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