Hamutenya Says Education a Disaster


By Kuvee Kangueehi


The interim president of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) Hidipo Hamutenya says the Namibian education system is a disaster and that Swapo Party has failed dismally in this respect.

Addressing the first public rally of the RDP at Gobabis in the Omaheke Region on Saturday, Hamutenya said Swapo Party has destroyed the education system and it is time that RDP members make sure that Swapo becomes an opposition party.

He said Namibia might be the only country in the world where more than 50% of students fail.

He charged that the Swapo Government every year comes up with a new decision and that clearly shows that the party does not have the capacity to address the problem.

He noted the Government also has its priorities wrong. While it has an education system that has failed, it has invested a lot of money in a new State House and built a new railway.

The former Cabinet minister said the Government has now allowed pupils that have failed to repeat but they do not know where they will find the teachers and classrooms.

“Swapo is in a dilemma and is running around like a headless chicken.”
Hamutenya also blamed the Swapo Government for the electricity crisis facing the country.

He said the Government identified two projects to generate electricity, namely Kudu Gas and Epupa, but so far nothing has been done and Government is just talking.

“After 18 years, we are facing an electricity crisis and all the Government is doing is just talk, talk, and more talk with no solution.”

He added that the health service is collapsing and there is enough evidence to prove that the Swapo Government has lost its vision and direction.

He noted that at Omuthiya two weeks ago, five Swapo Party leaders addressed a public rally and all the leaders were attacking RDP but none of them spoke about Omuthiya, adding, “that is a leadership that has lost focus and is panicking”.

He added that while the Swapo Party is “panicking”, the RDP in the meantime is planning for elections and readying itself for power.

He said his party is looking at an effective land reform programme compared to the current resettlement process, which has failed dismally.

He said the government under RDP would fund resettled farmers in order to make them productive. They will also consult with all stakeholders in the farming sector to expand the sector.

The RDP meeting, which was supposed to take place the previous weekend, was postponed to last weekend because of the funeral of the late Chief Munjuku Nguvauva II.

The RDP staged a fundraising event at the Ovambanderu Commando at Gobabis on Friday evening.

On Saturday morning, more RDP members started flocking to Gobabis. Some minibuses from Walvis Bay also brought in RDP members to the meeting which was attended by close to five hundred people.

RDP supporters also came from nearby constituencies. A large number of them came from Otjinene and Epukiro constituencies, while a few came from Aminuis and Otjombinde.

Some of the party members that came from Epukiro were still dressed in their Ovambanderu traditional attire as they were coming from Ezerongondo after attending the last traditional rituals following the burial of the chief.

A part of the delegation from Aminuis who were mainly young men said they were picked up at the shop and decided to attend the meeting after they were offered a free ride and given two bottles of brandy.


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