By Frederick Philander


The Goethe-Centre/NaDS, in collaboration with the Wild Cinema Film Festival, is facilitating a music video production workshop. The idea is to turn the most promising music video script submitted into a music video to be premiered at the Wild Cinema Film Festival 2008.

The workshop is to take place from the 3rd-15th March 2008. This period includes the pre-production phase, the shooting and post-production of the music video.

The workshop facilitators are Deborah Schamoni, a German D.O.P. (Director of Photography) and director, and Michaela Bauer, Namibian Producer and owner of the Production Company Media Logistics in Windhoek.

Deborah has done a large spectrum of work especially in commercials and music videos. She has done work for clients like Coca Cola, Cartier and Cafǟ


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