Rehoboth Musician Compiles CD


By Frederick Philander


Namibian solo singer and musician, Ras Levi, has this week released his first reggae/jazz/R&B CD.

“I started singing at the tender age of six years in my home town of Rehoboth where I went to school, after which I joined a band as lead singer at Walvis Bay,” said Ras Levi, who is managed by his mother, Clarice.

The soft-spoken musician, who worked as a DJ for two years in London, is very optimistic about his CD breaking into the very competitive music market.

“During my time at the coast I was asked by music studio owner, Linzi Arends, to create my own music. I took on the challenge and created this CD of which I wrote the lyrics and composed the music myself,” Ras, currently working on his first album, said.

The CD is available at Universal Records or from Clarice at: 0812785269.


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