No Confidence in NBC


Since the inception of Mr Jesaya Nyamu’s notes and its subsequent manifestation in the so-called Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP), the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) has not missed covering any of its rallies.

The NBC has not done the same for UDF, MAG, CoD, RP or any other opposition party, nor has the NSHR defended other opposition political parties on the NBC platform in the same way it does for RDP.

As such, the programmed robots of the NSHR who daily hurl insults and provocation against the SWAPO Party leadership and its Government, are given free reign by the NBC, a parastatal of the SWAPO Party Government.

Thus to all sane thinking human beings it has become clear that NSHR is a de facto affiliate to RDP which is working towards undermining and sabotaging the SWAPO Party Government and in particular, its vain attempt to remove the two-thirds majority SWAPO Party currently enjoys in Parliament.

At one instance when an NBC employee Mr Tabs Xulu and his immediate supervisor tried to direct the NBC phone-in programmes and especially to attempt controlling the conduct of the NSHR’s programmed robots (callers), NBC was quick to discipline its employees and, without shame, prostrated itself to give apologies to NSHR and MISA.

Similarly, during the RDP rally at Oluno in Ondangwa in December 2007, the NBC broadcast Mr Hidipo Hamutenya’s speech live and did several commentaries thereon for the entire weekend.

Persistent insults and vilification of SWAPO Party, its Government and leadership is tolerated by NBC management and no apology given to our leaders and party in the manner it did to its allies in the NSHR and MISA. Is this a Government of National Unity or a SWAPO Party Government?

It is self-evident that NBC management is doing this because it is a well known fact that many in the management are well known RDP members, supporters and sympathisers and have been seen attending RDP rallies especially the one at Walvis Bay last year.

Some go as far as attending the SWAPO Party activities and gatherings during the day while at night join their secret RDP caucuses while others continue to hallucinate about a day when RDP takes over the Government in Namibia.
In the fullness of time, the names of these officials will be made public soon when final verification has been made.

On top of that, it must be clear that in Namibia, many NGOs especially NSHR, MISA and some media operators are implementers of the Nyamu notes.

It is also a known fact that many are still hibernating in the offices/agencies/ministries of the SWAPO Party Government while working for RDP.

Accordingly, it has now become clear that a number of the management in both TV and radio services of NBC are hell bent on implementing the notes of Mr Jesaya Nyamu through sabotage and frustrating and sidelining those believed to be supporters of the SWAPO Party Government.

Therefore, as a constitutionally transmitting belt of the SWAPO Party ideology, policies and programmes, the SWAPO Party Youth League (SPYL) declares herewith, as it has done with the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN), a vote of No-Confidence in the NBC management and thus calls on our SWAPO Party and its Government to urgently rescue NBC from being turned into a mouthpiece of an unelected political party which seeks to derail the gains of independence and promote the implementation of the divisive notes of Mr Jesaya Nyamu.

There is no democratically elected government which would tolerate the sabotage of its programmes and projects at the expense of its people.
This cannot happen in the USA, EU or Israel, thus let us not allow it to happen in a free and independent Namibia.

We fully respect the right of all Namibians to join political parties of their choice as guaranteed by the Namibian Constitution. However, sabotage of our SWAPO Party Government programmes and projects at the expense of our nation should not be tolerated. The time for action is now not yesterday!
To the sponsors of NSHR and those who are secretly hatching plans to privatize and commercialize NBC away from our Government, beware that your days are numbered because we know all your schemes! Our sovereignty is not for sale and never shall Namibia become a colony again!

T. Elijah Ngurare
Secretary for SPYL


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