Private Security Joins Hands with Police


By Charles V. Tjatindi


Security firms operating in the Erongo Region recently teamed up with the regional police to form the Erongo Safety and Security Forum, the first of its kind in the region.

The forum’s main mandate will be to improve communication channels between the two bodies in curbing crime in the region.

The forum is also tasked with the coordination of operational working relations between the two bodies.

Security firms’ representatives from various towns within the region descended on Walvis Bay, where they met their counterparts from the Erongo police.

The companies present included Group 4 Securicor, Security School, Ongula Security and Tom Cat Security Services.

The forum will meet on a quarterly basis, with the next meeting scheduled for March.

At these meetings, the two bodies will discuss issues of operations, policy and the law. The police have confirmed that clarification of the newly amended Security Act of 2002, under which all security firms operate, will dominate discussions at the upcoming meeting.

Other topics would include laws and policies regarding firearms. Criminal tactics, crime trends and clear definition on the various types of crime would also feature at these meetings.

A representative of the Walvis Bay Committee against Crime, Martin Nauburi, welcomed the initiative, noting that it has been long coming.

“Such platform will really allow for better communication between the police, security companies and the general crime-fearing communities,” he said.

Representing the Erongo Police, Deputy Commissioner Festus Shilongo praised the creation of the forum, saying it will enhance the police’s operations and clamp down on criminal activities.

“The police appreciate any effort it receives in fighting crime. This forum is a good example of how the various law enforcement practitioners can cooperate to defeat crime. We are all here for one reason … that’s why it is best if we coordinate our efforts,” he noted.

Statistics on criminal activities within the region will be made available to the forum, upon which strategies to curb these activities will be discussed.

Various security companies received high praise from the police deputy commissioner on their contribution in assisting the police thus far.

Shilongo noted that most of the companies have provided vital information to the police, which often led to the apprehension of suspects.

“I will now sleep better because I know the community of Erongo are in good hands,” said Shilongo in reference to the newly created Erongo Safety and Security Forum.


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