New Political Party Registered


By Kuvee Kangueehi


The new party, All People’s Party (APP), was yesterday morning awarded a registration certificate by the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) and is now a legally registered party.

The certificate was approved after the ECN commissioners met last Friday to review the application of the new party.

In a media release yesterday, the interim chairperson of APP, Ignatius Nkotongo Shixwameni, said the party is delighted and proud the application for registration was formally approved by the ECN.

“We were awarded the certificate today (Monday) at 11h00 and we are excited and ready to work in the interest of Namibia for Namibians,” he said.

Shixwameni said the APP is a party for all Namibians, irrespective of ethnic, tribal and racial background.

“We are here to fight for wealth redistribution, equality and justice for all Namibians.”

The interim chairperson said the party is going to fight to end discrimination based on ethnic, tribal and racial lines in terms of opportunities in the country. Shixwameni invited all progressive Namibians to join the party in big numbers in order to move the country to the next level.

He promised that details about the party’s launch and interim leadership will be provided in due course.

Shixwameni boasted that the party already has 10ǟ


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