FNB, Client Clash Over Policy


By Anna Shilongo


The First National Bank is accused of not being honest with its customers when marketing its products.

This is sequel to a case in which a member of the public, Pedro Gomes, was approached by the Managing Director in 2001 via mail with reference to the FNB’s insurance policy, namely the First Cash Provider in partnership with Metropolitan.

However, the bank is denying the charge and instead blames the client for misrepresenting the terms of the policy in question.

The mail states that: “Because it’s a 10-year plan policy – the first cash provider provides cover for a period of 10 years, so you can use this life cover for just when you need some extra protection, perhaps you are at a high commitment stage of life, paying for a new car, for a bond or maybe you would simply like a little added peace of mind.”

The policy stan-dard cover begins with N$50ǟ


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