Erongo Police Have Summons Heyday


By Charles Tjatindi


Summonses amounting to about N$300 000 were issued by the police in the Erongo Region from November 23, 2007 to date.

The issuance of summonses reached its peak during the period between Christmas and New Year.

The summonses were mainly issued at designated roadblocks that were stationed at strategic locations within the region.

The roadblock at Walvis Bay issued most summonses amounting to just over N$100 000. Other roadblocks were stationed at Omaruru, Karibib and Swakopmund.

Police in the Erongo Region confirmed to New Era that speeding offences resulted in the highest number of fines, with 272 motorists fined at the Swakopmund roadblock, 213 at Karibib and 161 at Omaruru.

Walvis Bay recorded 52 fines for this offence.

Due to the stringent measures imposed on drivers found to be driving while under the influence of alcohol, such cases were drastically reduced this year.

Only 26 such cases were reported at the Swakopmund roadblock which was the highest in the region, while no such cases were reported at the Omaruru roadblock.

Karibib reported the highest number of unlicensed vehicles with 66, while Omaruru again reported the lowest with only eight such cases.

On the crime scene, housebreaking and theft were the most common crimes committed during the same period.

Other common cases reported include common assault, assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm and crimen injuria.

The Erongo police also reported that an inquest docket was opened following the death of Jakubus Gurirab, aged 39.

It is alleged that the deceased went missing on January 02 from his home in Omaruru’s Hakahana location, and was later found dead in the camp of plot Loskop by a security guard two days later around 20h00.

The police however suspect that he died during the course of January 04, judging from the condition of the body. The next of kin have been informed.

A case of rape has been opened against an unnamed suspect, who is accused of raping 43-year-old Cecilia Tsuses between Friday 04 January and Saturday 05 January 2008.

According to the charge sheet, it is alleged that the victim was drinking with her friends at her home in Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay when the suspect joined them.

The victim later went to sleep and found herself naked the next morning. She realized that the suspect had sex with her the previous night when she passed out.

The suspect was found in the bedroom of the victim, where he was arrested.
The police also reported the arrests of Gideon Gomaseb, 23, Sylvester Gaoseb, 18, and Rino Naobeb, 17 years old, on charges of housebreaking and theft.

The three allegedly broke into a house at Farm Donkerhoek, west in the region and stole goods from the house. However, following information from the public, the police managed to recover the stolen goods.


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