Selected Namibian Poems


By Veiko Kamwimba

The Dream Ocean

Memories about a beautiful woman reveal the fascination of an ocean
Its varying currents
The blue of an ocean established by the beautiful blue sky
Birds hovering over it
Splashes of water approaching the shores
Totally no noise
But total silence is maintained
Only the splashing sounds are heard

The moderated temperature suits the moment of love and romance
A better natural or artificial heater is brought along to supplement the condition moderated to totally elevate dankness to ensure perfect love

Love at the ocean leads to uncontrolled emotions
Emotions that cannot be brought down
There are no beds
But no problems
Bungalows are there
Keep swinging on bungalows

Moments of love introduce what we are on earth
Love brings irritability in play, that’s why we get to love each other
Neither wars nor natural disasters can tear love that duels in us apart
Because it was strongly bonded in us
Thus, we can love, please and do something over it

On contrary, the beauty of all oceans reveals the beauty of all beautiful women
The well constructed up bodies
The distinguished fats deposited on their bodies
The sexy bodies that every one prefers
The bold lips that look like the golden roses
The high yielding heads with some multiple seasons of yielding hair
The hair that supplement their beauty
And emphasises their look

The love that they have for charming young men
The flexibility of their bodies and moves made by them

It’s great to remain closer to women
Because they can moderate reactions as oceans do
If love dies it is born again
Due to the beauty of oceans
That can easily reveal the beauty of women
That controls the reaction of men
The beauty of women symbolises the love of women.


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