Panel Discussion on Reconciliation


By Staff Reporter


A panel discussion on reconciliation is scheduled for next Thursday at the Franco-Namibia Cultural Centre, it was announced in a press statement.

“2008 marks the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

The various documentaries shown at the FNCC in January will describe in detail the specific South African experience in this regard. Next Thursday a discussion will address reconciliation in Namibia and its role in the building of a nation,” the release stated.

The panel will include Samson Ndeikwila, Ellen Namhila, Norman Tjombe and Andre September.

It was also announced that a documentary film by Andre Van In will be screened on Tuesday at the FNCC at 19h00.

The outline: Nelson Mandela did set up the “Truth Commission” to establish for the first time a democratic society in South Africa. The evolution of the commission, with all its ups and downs and the dramas plating out within it are an important part of this film.


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