Pohamba Slams Those Inciting Tribalism


By Anna Ingwafa


President Hifikepunye Pohamba blasted individuals whom he accused of promoting tribalism to stop henceforth, as the Swapo constitution and that of the country outlaw tribalism.

The President said this at a Swapo rally at Helao Nafindi town in Ohangwena Region last December.

Pohamba was reacting to a letter that called on all Ovakwanyama people not to attend the Swapo Party rally on that day.

He warned that Namibians fought the liberation struggle as one and not as a divided people.

“I urge people to burn down the paper that is circulating that Ovakwanyama should boycott the Swapo meeting.

“I will burn it myself together with other rubbish,” he said.

He said some people tended to cry foul after failing to secure positions in the party and Government, attributing such failure to tribal affiliation and in this way spread rumours that they are victims of tribal discrimination.

He encouraged those who have left Swapo to come back.

“I am calling them to come back in the name of reconciliation, we will forgive them and encourage them not to do it again. And those who are contemplating leaving the Swapo Party, you should rather stay put so that you keep the good history.”

He also warned individuals that he said were trying to rewrite history by discrediting Dr Sam Nujoma who led Swapo Party for 47 years.

“You cannot take Sam Nujoma out of Namibian history, want it or not and if one happens to come across a book about Namibian history without crediting Nujoma for the role he played, then that book should be considered devoid of the truth,” he stressed.

On development in the Ohangwena Region, Pohamba said though people of Ohangwena have tap water they should also dig wells as in the past.

He said the Government has built new schools in the region like the Mwadikange Kaulinge Senior Secondary School, as well as upgrading existing schools. He urged people not to listen to false promises.


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