Shixwameni was Expelled – CoD


By Staff Reporter


The Congress of Democrats (CoD) spokesperson for the National Executive Committee, Natjirikasorua Tjirera, claims former secretary general, Ignatius Shixwameni, did not resign from the party as was reported in the media this week, but was expelled.

“Mr Shixwameni pretends to have been a member of the CoD, but was expelled from the party six months ago, together with five others since August 11,” said Tjirera.

According to Tjirera, Shixwameni and five others had been expelled after “rebellious and mutinous behaviour”.

He alleged that those expelled had since resorted to desperate measures to tarnish the CoD’s name, including the so-called ‘suspension’ of the CoD’s elected leadership and a pending High Court case against the party.

Shixwameni recently announced his departure from the party – together with 21 other former CoD members. Shixwameni has been associated with plans to form a political party in the Kavango Region.

For this, Tjirera accused Shixwameni of turning towards “tribalist politics” by “organising a thinly disguised tribalist party” in that region.

Tjirera further charged that Shixwameni had organised “illegal parallel national structures” against the CoD and together with Nora Schimming-Chase, “unlawfully diverted” about N$200ǟ


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