Newsmakers and Shakers


The year 2007 is coming to an end and as the festive season is ushered
in after a dramatic year, New Era’s reporter Kuvee Kangueehi
looks at the men and women who left their mark on this year.
The brave and controversial men and women who were at the centre
of events as they unfolded over the last past 12 months and won
themselves many admirers as well as enemies.

Number One: Phil Ya Nangoloh

Declared by the Swapo Party as the enemy of the state, the Director of National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) Phil ya Nangoloh has ruffled many feathers and is the only man after independence who almost ‘sent the Swapo guerrillas back to the bush’.

The outspoken human rights activist has made more attacks on individuals than defending them and the Founding Father President Sam Nujoma was his biggest target.

Ya Nangoloh, the former Information and Publicity Secretary for Swapo-D, started his attacks on Nujoma in a weekly feature which appeared in the Windhoek Observer under the heading ‘Nujoma Exposǟ


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