OUTsurance Car and House Arrive


By Staff Reporter


Leading Southern African short-term insurance direct-seller OUTsurance has announced the imminent launch of its car and household contents product lines in Namibia.

The new product lines will be launched locally in January 2008, complementing its homeowner insurance cover, which has been available in Namibia since July 2007.

The company says in a statement that Namibians will now be able to enjoy access to a wider range of value-for-money products and superior service for which OUTsurance has become renowned.

“We are delighted to share the remainder of OUTsurance’s personal product lines with Namibian consumers,” said Vekuii Rukoro, Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FNB Namibia Holdings.

FNB is parent of Swabou Insurance and the license holder for the OUTsurance Namibia products.

“This will allow them access to insurance cover that comes with the OUTsurance reputation of value for money products and excellent service levels,” Rukoro added.

The company says OUTsurance has established itself as an innovative insurer, pioneering product features such as the OUTbonus, a cash lump sum paid back to clients who have been fortunate enough not to claim for a three-year period.

“The company is also able to offer outstanding value-for-money because of the innovative way it has structured and streamlined its service,” Rukoro said, adding: “OUTsurance deals directly with the consumer, cutting out brokerage and commission fees, and ensures that good-risk clients do not have to subsidise their bad-risk counterparts,” he stated.

OUTsurance is also known for its flexibility, through its willingness to fashion tailor-made packages to suit clients’ specific requirements. Customers can opt for higher excesses to further reduce their premiums or choose a low flat excess to avoid unnecessary surprises when they claim.

Rukoro said: “OUTsurance also guarantees that a client’s premium will remain unchanged for a full year, whether a client claims or not.”
“In its commitment to awesome service, OUTsurance has already undertaken a thorough review of our approved service providers to ensure that Namibian customers enjoy the same stringent quality and service standards,” FNB’s Group CEO confirmed.

There has been some confusion about OUTsurance’s entry into Namibia, with another company called ‘Cashout Surance’ imitating the leading insurer’s brand and model.

Rukoro was however quick to point out, that the good news for Namibian consumers was that the full range of the real OUTsurance’s products and services were now available.

“It is backed by a financially strong company that is committed to substantiating its claim that with OUTsurance you always get something out,” he said.


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