Business in Nkurenkuru Set to Boom


By Emma Kakololo


Mayor of Nkurenkuru Town, Heikki Hausiku Ausiku, has urged investors to follow the example set by Government in creating jobs and helping local communities.

“Together we can make Nkurenkuru a prosperous and fast growing town in Namibia,” he said in a recent interview.

Ausiku said the tarring of the Rundu-Nkurenkuru-Elundu road, which started this month, would boost economic activities at the town, as would the Nkurenkuru road to Katwitwi.

He further pointed out that the cost for doing business at the town was very reasonable, and conducive for a variety of businesses activities.

The cost for residential plots is only N$15 a square metre and N$20 a square metre for business plots, while prospective buyers can negotiate the price for un-surveyed and un-serviced land with the town council.

“Nkurenkuru has an SME Park which houses various SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), including Bank Windhoek, Nampost and others.
“Slowly but surely, NHE (National Housing Enterprise) will construct some houses in our town very soon,” said Ausiku.

“I therefore urge all peace-loving local and foreign investors to come and invest in Nkurenkuru town to enjoy its conducive environment and for us as a nation to realise Vision 2030.”

Government declared Nkurenkuru a settlement area in 1999, later proclaiming it a town in 2006. It is approximately 145 kilometres west of Rundu in the Kavango Region and has an estimated population of 6ǟ


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