N$10 a Month Charity Launched


By Frederick Philander


The Church Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) yesterday ceremonially launched its N$10 campaign whereby every Namibian citizen is encouraged to contribute the monthly sum towards the care of orphans and vulnerable children.

The director of CAFO, Dr Henry Platt, yesterday explained the purpose and aims of the campaign.

“CAFO receives a great deal of funding from international donors, but such funds are not only scarce, such funds come with specific targets and funding aims. At the same time such donor funding makes CAFO dependent, which makes the organization vulnerable,” Platt said.

According to Platt, CAFO is an interfaith networking organization dedicated to meeting the needs of orphans and vulnerable children.

“The situation of orphans in particular is a long-term problem requiring a long term commitment not only from donors, but from the Namibian public, the private sector and Government alike.

“As a result CAFO has come up with an initiative whereby each able Namibian contributes a minimum of N$10 per month through a debit order system,” he said.

This fund can make CAFO more sustainable, less dependent on outside help and it involves the whole Namibian community in caring for its orphans.

“In achieving this endeavour CAFO appeals to the Namibian nation, male or female, student or adult, young or old, working or self-employed, to open their arms of generosity and give to a worthy cause that will in turn benefit the nation and everyone in it.

“These orphans are tomorrow’s ministers, business leaders and servants of Namibians. Today we take care of them, but tomorrow they might take care of us,” the church leader said.

Caring Namibian citizens may contact CAFO at the offices of the Council of Churches of Namibia (CCN) or telephone number 269572.


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