Music Awards That Never Was!

Charles Tjatindi

OK, besides flying in Paloma and Barbara all the way from Cancun, Mexico City or wherever, the NBC never ceases to both amaze and stun me.

The amazing part was that some of us outside Windhoek could follow the recent Sanlam/NBC Namibia Music Awards. I could easily follow the proceedings from the TV as I prepared my supper of fried fish, and tuna ice cream for desert from the harbour town. Having said that, I must admit, the awards left me wondering.

A few things just didn’t add up at this year’s awards. To start with, I am still swallowing one blade after another – not because I do not like the Dogg, but because I was surprised that he walked away with the Artist of the Year award.

Here is a question to the organisers: what do you actually look at to come up with this coveted prize? Shouldn’t things like ‘Best Selling Artist’, ‘Most Popular Song’ and the quality of the artist’s work count as a yardstick for awarding this prize?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I can recall two more artists scooping some of these categories on the night. In fact, how do you bestow someone who has only managed to rake in two other awards on the night as ‘Artist of the Year’, compared to one who has managed four awards?

Again, I am pleading ignorance but shouldn’t this prize, in fact, be an honorary award? How do you enter people for ‘Best Single of the Year’, ‘Best Music Video’, ‘Best Solo’, ‘Best Whatever’, while all these I presume would form part of the overall judging criteria for ‘Artist of the Year’?

My question therefore remains, what criteria do you use to judge this category? Just like you honoured Peter Josef Auchab with the lifetime award, shouldn’t you also be following the various artists’ work throughout the year and then accord the best with the ‘Artist of the Year Award?

I also fail to understand how the sms voting process works. Is this the only way to determine who wins? Are there independent judges that review the work of each artist after the close of sms voting to make sure only deserving artists walk away with prizes? If prizes are only determined by sms voting, shouldn’t the public be made aware of the number of audited votes a certain artist received to be declared winner?

I am afraid I see a scenario where the most popular, with the wealthiest friends who can afford all those smss and not necessarily the most talented wins.

Dogg, I hold no grudge with your winning – I am just as happy for you as I am concerned about the whole process.

Seriously, the organisers need to wake up and see these things. For a country that has such an abundance of talent, it is sad to note that only two artists dominate the awards since their inceptions – and it all has to do with the ‘Artist of the Year’ category. If these issues are not taken care of, these awards will end up like the recent Oviritje Awards.

Again, nothing personal – all for the love of local music, hence your slogan.


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