Sweden an Old Friend of Swapo


ALLOW me as a representative of the Swedish Embassy in Windhoek to express our deepest concern of the information presently spread in Namibian media concerning alleged Swedish support to the new political party just formed in the country, the basis for this information apparently being a press statement by the SWAPO Youth League.

Sweden is a longstanding supporter of SWAPO since the early 70’s. After the long friendship formed during the years of liberation struggle, contacts with SWAPO continued on a party political level between SWAPO and the Swedish Social Democratic Party.

The strong Swedish participation in the SWAPO upcoming congress is an example of this very appreciated political relation.

I can assure you that the allegations spread about Swedish support to the newly formed political party carries no substance in reality.

I would also like to confirm to you that the Swedish Embassy had no knowledge about the new party before reading about its registration, other than rumours spread in Namibia for some time.

Lena Johansson Blomstrand


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