RDP – Old Wine in New Bottles


IN the wake of the recent formation of the so called RDP under the de facto leadership of Hidipo Hamutenya and Jesaya Nyamu, the Hardap SPYL has decided to take a stance and to publicly condemn those youth leaders and misguided elements which associate themselves with the ideology vacuum party.

We also want to categorically state by rectifying the false pervasive notion that the people of the South are mere followers and easy targets of any political party.

The political history of Namibia has made us to realize that cheap politics practiced by greedy, self-centered and dubious leaders are aimed to mislead the general populace for their own material interest and benefits. We are quietly aware that these cheap politics are normally borne on the pretext of political democracy.

Therefore we want to underscore that we have come of age as people of the South to realize what is right and what is wrong.

It is indeed shocking to hear the utterances made by the persons of Hidipo and Nyamu, who have the audacity to accuse the Swapo Party Government of lacking vision and focus.

To our knowledge, they were the senior leaders in Swapo who have assumed high profile leadership positions in Swapo. They were instrumental forces in policy formulation to better the plight and reprehensive social conditions of the Namibian people.

Now the question to be posed to Hidipo and his allies is “what significant and tangible development initiatives have they done for the people of the South pertaining to economic development during their terms of office as the Minister of Trade and Industry, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Information and Broadcasting”?

Hidipo, the attainment of socio economic justice is a distant dream for the poverty-stricken people of the South. It is sad to observe that under your so-called visionary leadership no business leaders were developed in the South and we only read in the daily newspapers that 100 million dollars disappeared under your leadership which you failed to account for till date.

But then again in a more contrasting fashion, your new party firmly upholds the principles of transparency and accountability. Is this how you empowered the youth of Hardap and their entirety?

Do you ever possess the capability to account for millions of dollars if your presidential ambitions become a reality one day? If you claim to be a visionary leader, why did you allow Pidico and Ramatex to collapse and left thousands of people in abject poverty and misery?

We the Swapo Party youth league members of Hardap as well as the rank and file of the mighty Swapo Party are aware of the road map which our government has in place to address the socio-economic challenges which the Namibian people are facing.

The Namibian government has developed road maps such as vision 2015, 2020, 2030, NDP2, NDP3 etc. only to mention a few.

Let us remind the neo-colonialists which are behind the new so-called RDP that we the SPYL youth members in Hardap region are aware that this is just the same wine just in another bottle which wants to betray us.

We are not ashamed and afraid to demonstrate our unconditional support for the Swapo Party under the able, tested and visionary leadership of the Founding Father of the Nation Comrade Sam Nujoma. We will not be fooled by a party which is foreign funded and intends to implement the hidden agendas of their paymasters.

In general, anything that is linked with money is always attached with conditionalities and we’re very keen to know what these conditions are.

From lessons learnt, money given by foreigners is tantamount to betrayal and suppression of the views of the Namibian people and will force us to compromise the sovereignty and independence of our country.

As the upcoming younger generation, we are faced with formidable challenges from all angles and will therefore remain united and a vigilant force against any form of imperialism.

The political pedigree and mastery of the youth must no longer be underestimated by those senior leaders in the present Swapo government who threaten to resign from the ruling party.

In the Namibian society, the youth are in great numbers and are ready to fill the vacant positions of those disloyal and confused party leaders.

In the white controlled daily newspaper, whose history and workings are known since then and for which we don’t have any respect ever, it was reported that Hardap are portraying the political style of Comrade Sam Nujoma.

We therefore want to underline that we are and will be in support of Comrade Sam Nujoma as diehard young supporters of the Swapo Party.

We will always provide continuous support and solidarity to the Founding Father under the bold and firm leadership of our Governor Katrina Hanse Himarwa and Cde Mungenga, Party Regional Co-coordinator. Our Governor will always govern us, now and forever.

Prior to independence, the people of the South were only aware about the following brave political stalwarts, namely, Cde Nujoma, Witbooi, Toivo ya Toivo, Kameeta, Maxuilili, Tjongarero and many others who waged the struggle from inside.

They will remain our political icons and a source of inspiration in good and bad times. Hidipo and his close ally Nyamu were virtual strangers to the Southerners and have never in their various levels of leadership roles represented the wishes an aspirations of the people in the South.

The youth of Hardap are very sceptical and suspicious to cast their vote for a white project driven by politically confused puppets.

We cannot allow the hard won freedom and independence of our ancestors to be compromised for anything as long as we are alive.

Dear comrades, remember, a united people, striving for the common good of all the members of the society will always emerge victorious.

Swapo Party Youth League
Hardap Region


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