Namcol Changes Board of Governors


By Frederick Philander


The mission as Board of Governors is to represent the interests of the stakeholders of Namcol in perpetuating a successful business that ensures the achievement of the vision and mission of the College.

This was yesterday said by the Deputy Minister of Education, Dr Becky Njoze-Ojo, when she officially welcomed Namcol’s new Board of Governors.

“The Board is ultimately accountable and responsible to the Government for the performance and affairs of Namcol. The Board must therefore retain full and effective control over the college and must give strategic direction to the management of Namcol,” the deputy minister reminded the seven new board governors.

The Board is also responsible for ensuring compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and codes of business practice.

“The Board has a responsibility to the broader stakeholders that include the present and potential beneficiaries of Namcol’s services, the community, lenders and employees, to achieve continuing prosperity for the college,” she said.

Namcol also has a habit of assessing the risks to which it is exposed, and I suggest that you continue with such practices.

“Bear with me for finding it necessary to point out here that it is your duty to avoid conflict of interest as a board member, and not to take part in discussions or decisions on any contract in which you have a material or other interest.

“May I also advise that even though you may have been nominated by outside bodies, and come to this Board with certain perspectives and knowledge, your duty here is to further the interests of Namcol only,” she warned.

Ndjoze-Ojo further said: “One does not expect of a board member to engage in unseemly forms of campaigning or any other unauthorized spreading of information about board meetings. Such activity will undoubtedly spoil the trust, which is required for the Board to work together productively.”


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