Veterans to Seek Ministry Update


By Surihe Gaomas


Just before the planned rally tomorrow, the National Committee on the Welfare of Ex-Comba-tants will meet the Ministry of Veterans Affairs today for an update on latest developments regarding their request for compensation.

They are demanding payment for the years spent in exile.

Spokesperson of the National Committee on the Welfare of Ex-Combatants, Alex Kamwi, said after the meeting with the ministry the committee would brief their members at the upcoming rally.

It is at the rally that decisions will be taken as to whether to go ahead with the planned demonstration on November 26 or see what other course of action to take.

Members of the National Committee on the Welfare of Ex-Combatants who are demanding compensation for the years they spent in exile, could take to the streets before the SWAPO Party Congress that starts next Tuesday.

However, Kamwi was quick to point out that the possible demonstration has nothing to do with the Swapo Party Congress.

“Our intention is not to disrupt the Congress. This is not a tactic, but just our way of expressing our disappointment,” said Kamwi.

He said the Government has failed to meet the deadline to respond to the raft of demands by the ex-combatants, thus prompting them to call for a rally to decide on what action to take next.

The deadline set was Tuesday.

The ex-fighters stand by their demands that in line with the National Defence Force salary, they must each receive N$32ǟ


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